There is only one Academy

The Fugitive Recovery Industry only has ONE Academy and we offer elite tactical training that far exceeds industry norms and any security, law enforcement training standards. We train police (SWAT) and military here in the United States and currently in 10 other countries.

We are the BEST and when you enroll in any of our accredited Courses, you get the start you need to a highly rewarding career.

We pride ourselves in offering a program that is engaging, powerful, challenging and driven with purpose.

You can Call us today or register here on our site for offered courses.

We ensure you learn the REAL business from real bounty hunters with proven track records and true street experience. Our staff has literally walked the corridors and back alleys of our nation to apprehend fugitives from justice with a blend of poetic street justice, expanse of knowledge, skills, techniques, chicanery, street smarts, savvy and intellect.

Learn from us and Mr. Scott Bernstein, the industry authority, founder of our Academy and also is regarded as the ‘Godfather’ of Fugitive Recovery with 30 years wealth of experience at it!

To authenticate our claims and not ramble like the envious fakes or quacks parading the internet who are not ‘Bounty Hunters’ but ‘Bounty Talkers’, you should come check out all our bestowed awards received in our industry’s history. We have featured in every TV show in the nation. We are an analyst, profiler and criminal science behaviorist for all (national) network and cable new program. We have been featured in over 25 international documentaries – and we are not boasting about it; we are just taking pride to celebrate all of this – just for you to know you are dealing with the BEST! We have set the bar for Fugitive Recovery and Training Excellence.

Our Hunters become highly skilled craftsman on locating, recovering minor offenders to the most dangerous fugitives from justice, manage risks and avoid liability issues.

Warning: If you look for a cheaper price tag for online training, no one in this industry will hire you. There is no legitimacy in a DVD or pamphlet offered by a pirate. If you are serious about a career in Fugitive Recovery, then get it right and take the next step!

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