FAQ about Bounty Hunter Training Academy

How do I become a Bounty Hunter/Bail Enforcement Agent?

Bounty hunter is a noble profession where you will seek and find people who have failed to appear (FTA) in court and a warrant is issued. You will take those people into custody and return them to the jurisdiction where they fled. To be eligible you cannot have a felony conviction on record.

The most important and vital requirement is TRAINING. Without training, you will not find any work in this industry. There is only one Academy in our industry. The most successful and recognized are Academy graduates. The Academy opens your eyes and empowers you with all the wisdom and hands-on tactics to be successful, effective and safe. Proper training and guidance will help you defend yourself from criminal fugitives.

You must be able to establish a professional working relationship with bail bondsmen and the government. That way you will get more assignments, build up your reputation referral network.

Is Bounty Hunter training anything more than fugitive apprehension knowledge?

It is about upholding the law of the land. Sure, your job as a bounty hunter will primarily be focused on capturing fugitives, but a detailed knowledge about industry terminologies, history, laws and the ways to execute them is also necessary. You need to know the legal possession of certain non-lethal weaponry such as 10 percent pepper spray or OC or where it is legal possess handcuffs, stun guns, Tasers and other weapons in your possession. How to obtain a firearms permit or CCW (open carry or concealed carry license for a firearm). Also, since you are doing business; advertising skills, marketing, networking, management of resources, sub-contracting arrests, all play a vital role in bounty hunting. You will not learn this anywhere except at the Academy.

Do police help?

That is not always a generalization of policing since there is no standards. It is their lawful duty to respond to an ‘agent of the court’ (which is the bail enforcement officer/agent) if assistance is requested and/or required. In most if not all instances, our graduates are highly trained and do not require police assistance. However, with warrant in hand or what is referred to as the FTA sheet provided by the court, non-physical officer assistance will provided.

How much money can I make?

Payment for bounty hunters are as varied as the profession itself, with some bounty hunters making well into the six and even seven figure range. This is a recession proof industry with unlimited growth potential. Since bonds vary in amounts and can be as high as NINE figures, your net pay can be as high as EIGHT figure for an arrest as evidenced by a bond one or of teams covered on CNBC news. Bonds in the five to six-figure range are average. And since this industry pays a minimum of 10-20% of the bond amount, it is common knowledge that this industry is one of the most lucrative. Therefore, training is an important factor in determining your salary. People with specialised training in constitutional law, non-lethal apprehension, expert tactical skills and working business know-how will leverage you and give you the most potential for achievement, recognition and success.

What is the difference between a Bounty Hunter/ Bail Enforcement Agent and a Police Officer/Cop?

A Bounty Hunter does not need a warrant to make an arrest nor require reasonable suspicion or probable cause. A Bounty Hunter has broader arrest powers than the police. Bounty Hunters can operate anywhere in the nation. Bounty Hunters can extradite Fugitives/Defendants themselves. Hunters can work whenever they want and take off whenever they choose. Hunters get paid cash as soon as the arrest is made and not wait for a pay check at the end of the week.

Hunters determine their own hours. Hunters do not have to wear the same uniform every day. Do not have to sit in a car every day, walk patrol, write parking tickets nor hold a dangerous radar gun. Hunters can make more in one day than some officers’ make in an entire year. The bottom line is, once a defendant enters into a bail agreement, he/she waives ALL their rights.

How dangerous is the industry?

At times, it can be dangerous without proper training. There are fugitives that resist and armed at times. The danger element depends upon choices. If you choose a cheaper price tag, have a lack of research or understanding for online training, than you are placing your life in the hands of imminent danger. That is if a professional bondsman was blind to even give you a contract to begin with the knowledge of your poor resources and training.

You need to know that this industry is only dangerous due to dangerous people looking to cash in on your ignorance. Through the Academy, you will learn that your greatest weapons is your mind and your hands. Not taught anywhere else and with proper disarmament training, you can defeat even a fugitive armed with a gun or knife. You cannot afford to make any mistake while on the job as it will jeopardise your security as well as the mission. In the field you need to be alert and agile to capture the fugitive. With proper training you can capture a fugitive with the element of surprise 95% of the time and also by implementing non-lethal force. Non-lethal weapons are proven effective tools and get the job done and keep you, your team members and the public from harm and liability.

Why Should I choose you?

Being a bounty hunter is one of the most exciting and lucrative careers. But without proper training you will be unfit for the job. It is a well-known fact regarding internet based programs offering learn-from-home or DVD scam bounty hunter courses but industry professionals know at the Academy, you get the real deal. The Bondsmen in turn, with millions of dollars on the line also only want to do business with industry professionals and turn to our graduates because they know they are producers and not seducers. All of our graduates are now successfully employed as bounty hunters/bail bondsmen. They all have outstanding reputations in the field. Our graduates find employment either right in the course or soon thereafter as that IS incorporated in the course.

What kind of experience do you have?

Our founder and Master Instructor simply put is the Industry Authority who brings to the table 4 decades of experience with over 6,000 documented arrests, over 1500 evidenced TV appearances, was the sole contracted Bounty Hunter for America’s Most Wanted, featured in 18 International documentaries, hundreds or radio shows, millions of magazines and newspapers. He also holds the singular distinction of being awarded ‘Agent of the Year’ for ever year running by all the major Professional Associations. All of our staff are the top veterans in the field. Combined, we have over 100 years of experience and over 11,000 apprehensions. We own all the awards in history from all the major associations in this industry. We have featured in every TV show in the nation. We are an analyst, profiler and criminal science behaviourist for all (national) network and cable news. We have been featured in over 25 international documentaries.

Am I licensed after I leave your course?

  1. Only the government can grant you any license. What we do, is give you the very best training in this industry guaranteed. We will give you the finest tactical training and core curriculum training to make you a warrior of bail enforcement. We will educate you on the rules, regulations and statutes of respective states guidelines to acquire a license if required by your state. Not all states require a license so when you receive our certificate of completion, you can start working immediately.

Is this course certified and accredited?

We are accredited by the Department of Education. After you complete your course at BHTA, you will get a course completion certificate. This certificate is highly valued by professionals in the industry and will help you secure contracts.

Where is your courses located?

We are the only national program and offer courses around the nation. Please check our schedule for any course location of your choice to register. Regardless of that choice, your training is valuable and has no bearing where you take it. We also offer advanced training known as Level II/III training in Firearms and Tactical Training (KravMaga) at full Academy facilities at our east and west coast facilities.

Do I qualify for your program?

As long as you are over the age of 18 in most states, you qualify for our program regardless of the maturity of your age, sex, creed, color, ethnicity, height, weight, strength, conditioning, employment history, etc.

What else do you offer at the Academy?

A membership that includes but not limited to…

  • Discounts on our expert courses
  • Huge discounts on all our 4 star Hotels we train and stay at nationwide.
  • 50% off any off our 1,000+ high quality law enforcement products and Bounty Hunter apparel.
  • Unlimited Networking
  • Affordable personal consultations
  • Satellite offices for you and your teams
  • Operational assistance
  • Private business support
  • Additional discounts for both present and veteran Military & Law Enforcement personnel.