In our program, you will be immersed into the culture of the criminal mindset; psychology and sociology of criminal behavior. Our trainng methodologies are based upon the art of profiling, analysis and integrating yourself into the canvass of the culture of the any given environment. One could not endeavor to be proficient unless they are instructed and guided by experts with extensive experience, knowledge and achievements.


Our cadre of instructors have been involved in apprehensions of bail jumpers, nafarious fugitives from justice and other absconders such as war criminals and organized crime members. You will not master this craft and earn the respect, recognition, top earning potential and loyalty from the bail community unless you demand the best. We travel the nation bringing our world-class hands-on tactical training program to those who demand a real future in this industry. Our graduates fill real positions in the private and government sectors.

At the Bounty Hunter Training Academy we work on a foundation of mutual respect. You have to earn a position to be trained here and in turn you will lead a life as an essential enforcer in this incredible industry.

All of our active-duty and veterans have the training elevations and leadership qualifications with an immense array of experience and achievements. Combined, the Academy’s cadre has over 11,000 apprehensions and over 100 years of experience. To date we have over 10,000 successful graduates. You do not waste our time, we will not waste yours.

If you are interested in a Law Enforcement, Bail Bonds, Security, Private Investigator, Bouncer, Loss Prevention, Armored Car, Government, Private Contractor, Bodyguard, Military Career or already been there and done that ENOUGH already….below is what BOUNTY HUNTING offers you and what is waiting for you.

As a Bounty Hunter;

  • you have broader arrest powers than the police
  • you do not require reasonable suspicion in your duties
  • nor probable cause
  • you have extreme extradition powers
  • we don’t read miranda
  • there is no weekly pay check
  • we get paid CASH  – large sums each time we make an arrest
  • we work when we want and take off whenever we want
  • we answer only to ourselves and no beauracrats
  • we cost the taxpayer nothing!
  • this industry is completely recession proof!

THE BOTTOM LINE! Once a defendant enters into a Bail Bond Agreement, HE/SHE WAIVES ALL THEIR RIGHTS!!!

BHTA training is designed to allow a combatant/Bail Enforcement Agent to dominate a hostile environment with whatever weapon (you hands and feet is always the best) which is available. In actual fact, BHTA’s program is a very advanced, but simplified form of unarmed combat integrating essential gun and non-lethal techniques. This program is specifically designed to cater to the needs of special operations/recovery teams, but can be modified for more conventional police or military units.


Here is just a taste of what you will learn on just Saturday:

  • Principals of Unarmed Combat
  • Combat Mind-set
  • Fighting Stances, Balances & Movement
  • Effective Striking & Striking Areas
  • Blocks & Counter Punching
  • Grip Breaking & Join Locks
  • Throwing & Grappling Techniques
  • Chokes & Strangles
  • Kicks
  • Combinations & Counter Techniques
  • Knife Attack & Defense
  • Gun Take-aways
  • Weapon retention
  • Advanced Handcuffing & Restraints
  • Tactical Takedown
  • Room combat/Tactics
  • Improvised weapons
  • Frisk/Pat downs
  • Weapon(s) disarmaments – knife/gun
  • Handgun control
  • Door/Window Breaching
  • Room Clearance
  • Operational Planning
  • Multiple Assailants
  • Distraction, Use of Confusion
  • Crowd Clearance
  • Dominance
  • Danger Areas
  • Bystanders
  • Emergency Situations
  • Crowd Control
  • Prisoner Handling/Control
  • Tactical Withdrawal
  • Low Light Penetration & Clearance
  • Non-Lethal Weaponry
  • Extractions
  • Detention
  • Transport – Air/Land-Sea
  • Booking Procedures – Local/State/Federal
  • Post Operational Debrief
  • Live Video Arrests


You must be a Level I Graduate to be considered for our Level II/III Training Modules which is a 5-day program designed for those who are highly motivated and driven for superiority in everything they do.

Bounty Hunters face far great and more demanding challenges than in the past and all professionals know that ‘old school’ and antiquated tactics will not survive the day. You do not to physically superior, you need to mentally agile and possess unparalelled skills from the best-in-class trainers with established track records.


Our cadre is composed of Veterans who have led numerous operational units and task forces throughout the United States and conducted hundreds of successful ‘cross border’ operations.

We offer individuals and groups action-packed modules that is bred for mission-specific success. We have the solid reputation of assisting those save resources without sacrificing quality. Our cadre and more specifically our success have been recognized by our industry and the media as the Godfather of bail enforcement training.

Our training modules elevate performance, confidence and tactical skill levels. We also offer customized programs to meet any agency or department tactical requirements and budget with on-site training. BHTA is available to provide consulting on equipment selection and even mission guidance.

We will sharpen your skills, test your abilities and enhance your level of expertise by providing  the highest degree of practical applications and methodologies from seasoned authorities. These methodologies is broken down from our science of profiling, criminal analysis, criminal science behavior from the best minds in Fugitive Recovery and counter-terrorism. Components of our science includes but not limited to; risk management, static to mobile surveillance, reacting to an attack, perimeters & access,  blending into the canvass on the criminal mindset, pedigree knowledge, culture, geo specifics, stakeouts, foot mapping, team management, discipline, motivation, human reliability, negotiation, security planning and threat assessment.

You will also obtain a double punch of firearm and advance hand to hand combat;

CCW/ Level I Pistol

Level II Pistol

Low Light Pistol

Close Quarters Combat

Advanced ASP

Advanced Baton

Pepper Spray/OC

Advanced Street Survival Skills

Stun Gun/Taser


You can obtain additional information about pricing and information about our Level II/II Training at either of our East & West Coast facilities at our Level I Training.