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Criminal behavior analysis combines
the study of the psychology and motivations of violent criminals,
with advanced studies of the criminal justice system

Emphasis is placed on research methods and clinical assessments.

You will participate in practicums and real field work experiences. Our program allows learners to conduct original research and to gain clinical expertise in forensic environments

We use Criminal Profiling
not so much in the
study of criminology

examine evidence from crime scenes and victim and witness reports to develop an offender description.

However, we do take the science applications which can include psychological variables such as personality traits, psychopathologies and behavior patterns, as well as demographic variables such as age, race or geographic location in the pursuit of our Fugitive on the run.

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In some ways,
profiling is really
still as much an art as a science.

In more recent years, we have begun using psychology’s statistical and empirical, peer-reviewed research methods to bring more science into the art.

classification scheme, are antisocial but know right from wrong, are not insane and show no remorse. Disorganized crimes, in contrast, are not planned, and criminals leave such evidence as fingerprints and blood. Disorganized criminals may be young, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or mentally ill.

Over the past quarter-century
the Behavioral Science Unit has further developed the FBI’s profiling process

including refining the organized/disorganized dichotomy into a continuum and developing other classification schemes

The basic premise is that behavior reflects personality. Geographic’s is the breeding ground of the criminal and the map signaling of activity and movement. Psychology and sociology is framework or electrical grid of criminal activity and response. Other variables such as age, social skills, religion, family, pedigree, mental health are all contributing factors as well as one’s criminal background. Trust and reliability are the cornerstones for the fugitive’s comfort while on the run We study this and much more in the dichotomy of profiling and criminal science behavioral analysis. An imperative science and benchmark for the professional world-class investigator.

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